• Students should demonstrate a good command of English or another language in which the student will study at the host university. For this purpose, a document certifying the command of English or the language of the target country must be presented (if the student has such a document). Such a document is e.g. a language certificate at B2 level (or higher).
  • In the absence of such a document, students will be required to pass an English test confirming their knowledge of the language at this level. Individual host institutions may have specific requirements regarding the knowledge of a foreign language, which the participant must meet at the time of submitting the application for a study/traineeship.
  • Before the beginning and at the end of the mobility period, the student is obliged to complete a language proficiency test in the online tool indicated by the University, except for those for whom the given language is the mother tongue.
  • The student is obliged to immediately inform the Center for Projects, International Cooperation and Development Strategy if he/she is unable to complete the on-line test.
  • The test result does not affect the student’s admission to mobility.
  • The university may grant the student an online license for a language course. A student who has been awarded a license will attend a language course in order to better prepare for an Erasmus + mobility. A student may participate in the course in the period between two on-line language proficiency tests.