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Careers Office

The WSEI Careers Office was established on 23rd December 2002, initiated by the Polish Foundation of the Opportunities Industrialization Centres "OIC Poland", the School Authorities and the Students' Board.

The WSEI Careers Office arouses interest of students, who often visit the office in order to get advice how to write application documents or prepare to interview.

In more difficult professional decisions, students can ask for advice psychologists working in the Psychology Centre of Diagnosis and Therapy of the "OIC Poland" Foundation.

The Careers Office runs its activity in a few fields. The office provides assistance not only for students but also employers with whom the WSEI and the Foundation cooperates. The office is a kind of link between the university and the job market in a broad meaning.

The office is active in the following areas:

  • cooperation with local labour offices,
  • working out common projects with the Students' Board of the WSEI as well as the Centre of Projects and International Cooperation,
  • all training courses within the projects are free for students of the WSEI and other higher education schools in Lublin.

Additionally, every year job fairs take place there. Students can meet employers, attend seminars and workshops explaining how to plan their professional career and adjust to the changing job market. Within its activity, the Careers Office supervises and provides student internships, necessary for graduation. Many students attended their internships in the WSEI and "OIC Poland" Foundation.

In June 2007 the WSEI launched the Entrepreneurship Incubator, which aim is to help young people to set up their own companies and support entrepreneurial activities. The incubator combines theoretical knowledge with practice to complement each other, providing training and information activities among students that help new start-ups develop their plans, get established and evolve to the point when they can operate independently.

The student incubator at the WSEI stimulates cooperation between academic and business environment, provides pooling activities among students long before they graduate. It also connects enterprising students/ or graduates with business community, helping to solve the myriad problems every fledgling venture faces. By facilitating hand-on learning and exploring their launch plans in a supportive environment, the Entrepreneurship Incubator at the WSEI helps students to turn their passion into reality, as it is expected to promote the success of each venture.

Our staff will coach the students on the analysis of their venture, providing access to the network of business information and functional contacts.

Careers Centre
ul. Projektowa 4
20-209 Lublin
tel. + 48 81 749 32 19
fax. +48 81 749 32 13


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