Degree: Master's degree

 Mode: Full-time

 Duration: 2 years / 4 semesters

 Language: English


Study of Economics in WSEI has been twice positively received by the resolution of the Polish Accreditation Commission

Why study Economics?
It’s interesting. Economics is an interdisciplinary science. It combines mathematics related sciences – statistics, econometrics with history and economic geography. It enters into so pure humanism as sociology and psychology. Economics uses all these sciences pragmatically to gain a better understanding and explain complex processes of economic development and performance.
Why do I want to study Economics?
If I work in London, it will have a job in the City, not in a pub. Being economics graduate I can work everywhere – in traditional sectors such as agriculture, industry, construction, trade, and modern ones such as informatics, finances, as well as in seemingly extremely distant from economics sectors such as culture, education, cinematography, not to speak of commonly held public administration.
What are the prospects of Economics?
They are huge, growing with the globalization. An innovator – a constructor or a technologist – presents a product and its realization method to the market with his intellectual effort. However, that is an economist who determines whether the product should be produced or not. If it should, then he determines where and when. He takes a decision on a new product introduction on the market as well as on an old one withdrawal. Not only in Lublin, but also in Hamburg, London, Shanghai or Calcutta.

Dr. Adam Szafarczyk, Ass. Prof. WSEI
WSEI Lecturer

The presence of students and researchers influences on the life in Lublin by moulding its unique academic nature. Our city aims at creating of attractive life environment for students and a proposal that tends to active participation in the life of large attractive urban centre. The second issue is the city cooperation with higher education institutions, promotion of their didactic potential and scientific achievements. Apart from everything else this is supported by the activity aimed at building of intersectoral cooperation. In view of scientific, educational and organizational achievements of the Higher School of Economics and Innovation in Lublin, the municipal government of Lublin signed an agreement on long-term cooperation with the University. The agreement defines the directions of the partnership, focusing on cooperation with business and its institutions. Significant statement expresses an adaptation of studies to labour market needs and care on talented young people in order to make them stay in Lublin.

Dr Mariusz Sagan
Director of the Strategy and Investor Service Department in Lublin City Government

Bachelor's Degree in WSEI allowed me to get to know a good educational institution and great professors, so I decided to do a master's at the University. Modern teaching techniques of the University facilitate the transfer and acquisition of the knowledge. Studies in WSEI have expanded my horizons and taught me how to plan my future. This is a very good self-investment and inspiration. Thanks to classes with distinguished professors I have discovered a lot of professional development opportunities, and the climate of the University and meetings with the group brought me much joy and energy to act. By undertaking the course studies in WSEI you will gain an opportunity to develop your skills and passion, explore new opportunities and repeatedly increase the chance to get a dream job.

Justyna Zaborna
Economics graduate (first-cycle degree), student of Economics (second-cycle degree)

When choosing economics studies I did not overthink. I knew it would be WSEI. My friends and acquaintances have studied here. Today I am in the third year and I do not regret my decision. Classes are taught in an interesting way, e-learning platform allows learning at right time for everyone. Classes with the participation of practitioners are a very good idea, as the practitioners transfer their knowledge and experience. It is also worth to mention an individual approach to the student and excellent academic staff.
Today I know that studies in WSEI are a really good choice.

Renata Zawitowska
student of Economics

Advantages of the course

  • flexible learning path and individual approach to the student allow you to combine studies with professional work and family life
  • study programme is designed with the involvement of employers
  • classes are conducted mainly by practitioners with a tremendous professional experience
  • activating methods of learning such as exercises, workshops with practitioners, individual and group projects
  • possibility to log in e-learning platform anytime and anywhere
  • chances to study abroad in a frame of Erasmus Programme
  • cooperation between the University and companies that recruit employees for positions in Poland and abroad
  • professional practice in well-established companies, incl. PEKAO FAKTORING SP. Z O.O., Nagel Polska Sp. z o.o., Lubelski Wholesale Market SA, Stokrotka SA., the Statistical Office in Lublin, „HERBAPOL – LUBLIN” SA, WIKANA SA, Poczta Polska SA, Krajowa Spółka Cukrowa SA, The National Chamber of Statutory Auditors in Lublin
  • Enterprise economics
  • Economic analysis and accounting

Interesting topics discussed during the studies

  • Main integration associations and their evolution
  • The role and tasks of participatory and social budgeting
  • The problem of social stratification in the world and in Poland
  • The economic future of the world in social aspect – the refugee issue
  • Economic crises
  • Uncertainty and risk in economic activities
  • Ultimate principles, models and qualitative indicators of economic phenomenon forecasting
  • Informational tools in the prediction of economic phenomena and parameters
  • Financial tools
  • Business valuation

Economics graduate – career prospects

  • team sales manager
  • client service manager
  • own business manager
  • financial analyst
  • sales representative
  • sales manager
  • customer service adviser in financial institutions
  • internet transaction broker
  • virtual banks or logistics centres employee
  • inspector at economic and financial services


(If study is not undertaken, 150 Euro is not refoundable).

(refundable, if you don't get a visa) - Students from outside the European Union.

Tuition fee for full-time studies (BA/MA) in English - EU citizens



(per year)

(per semestr)

ECONOMICS IIo  2 years / 4 semesters € 2 500  (Euro) € 1 250  (Euro)

Tuition fee for full-time studies (BA/MA) in English - citizens from outside the EU



(per year)

(per semestr)

ECONOMICS IIo  2 years / 4 semesters € 2 500  (Euro) € 1 250  (Euro)

(INCLUDING - utilities, cleaning service twice a month, hot water and central heating)

Apartment: € 350 / per month
Single Room: € 240 / per month
Double Room: € 170 / per month
Triple Room: € 130 / per month


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