Recruitment for foreigners to study in Polish and English has started

Recruitment for the academic year 2017/2018 has  begun.

  • for foreigners undertaking studies in the first year of full-time and part- time Master degree studies, and first degree (BSC), and the second degree (MSC) studies in Polish, and
  • for all canditadates, regardless their citizenship and the application method, for the first year of  Bachelor degree and Master degree full-time studies which are conducted  in English.

To apply for admission for listed above studies, you should.

Foreigners who decide to start studying at the Economics and Innovations University in Lublin can count on yearlong support and assistance from all University employees.

Registration is open until 15 March. If the number of confirmed registrations is less than the established limit, the additional recruitment process will be conducted.

Before starting the studies the foreign student  receives :

  • assistance in gathering all the documents necessary to obtain a student visa
  • help  in completing the documents needed to begin studies.
  • information about  fields of study, study rules and payments.
  • information about the possibility of living in the  dormitory and assistance on accommodation
  • the opportunity to visit the University campus.

All candidates who are interested in studying at the Economics and Innovations University in Lublin are  invited to register today!

Additional information regarding to recruitment

Additional information regarding to recruitment


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