Modern methods of teaching at WSEI

Modern methods of teaching at WSEI – the practicalness of knowledge and creation of skills and attitudes demanded by employers.

One of the strongest points of the University is linking didactics with business practice. University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin teaches active and entrepreneurial people, possessing attractive skills and competences that are highly wanted on the labor market. WSEI continually redevelops its teaching programmes and forms of teaching, tailoring them to needs of employers. Within last three years teaching on the University has been greatly modified, which enables to use fully possibilities given by practical teaching profile.  
From October 2013 modular organization of didactic process has been introduced. Modules are realized with the use of active forms of teaching, that are very important in the process of building competences and skills. Modular studies enable to get different competences from many fields and use gained knowledge, make contact with employers, familiarize with market conditions and create studying path in an elastic way. Each module consists of five elements: 1. Lectures – the aim is to transfer and systemize necessary theoretical knowledge, 2. Workshops and exercises – the aim is to teach how to use theoretical knowledge in practice, 3. E-learning – the aim is to supplement and extend part of classes from the study programme and to solve tests in any place with connection to the Internet, 4. Workshops with employers – the aim is to familiarize with the market and working environment. Workshops take place at University and in companies, 5. Evaluated own work – the aim is to get proper competences through realization of individual and group projects.
Additionally – during studies – student get professional experience, thanks to well organized system of practices and internships. Thanks to financial support of European Union, students on chosen majors and specialties get scholarships for participating in practices and internships


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