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Research Laboratories

University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin runs researches dedicated to the development of the economy and creation links with entrepreneurs and other scientific units. The main emphasis is put on using the results of researches in social and economical life practice. Modern research and technical base of WSEI, in connection with specialized scientific and research staff enables implementation of complex research and deployment projects, that warrants high quality and reliability of results. Within the laboratories of WSEI Centre for Computer Science and Transport Security and WSEI Innovative Centre for Diagnosis, Research and Analysis, following researches are being led:

  • Research on the mechanics of the damage of the transport means
  • Analysis of mechanical and physical properties of materials and elements on mechanic systems
  • MES construction modeling
  • Numeric analysis of strength of construction elements
  • Computer simulation of transport systems reliability
  • Modeling of public transport movement
  • Transport networks planning
  • Traffic simulation
  • Reverse engineering – reproducing elements of technical objects
  • Fast prototyping construction and applied elements with the use of incremental method
  • Computer modeling of real objects
  • Diagnostics of mechanical appliances with the use of non-destructive methods
  • Measurement and recording of temperature distribution on working technical objects
  • Certification of web solutions, deployment research for new appliances and their components as well as programmes and algorithms used in those programmes
  • Off-line and on-line games creation
  • Research with the use of modern methods of neuroimaging of brain functioning EEG
  • Research on mind, measuring the functions of: attention, memory and imagination
  • Measurement of sensomotor coordination and motor capabilities, diagnostics and sportsmen support
  • Research in experimental psychology; psychophysical, cognitive and psychometric



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