Postgraduate Studies Centre

On 1st of August 2008 WSEI established the Postgraduate Studies Centre, which is in charge for coordination of educational process of postgraduate programmes. The educational offer provides fully comprehensive services for students. The courses are delivered with the use of the latest teaching methods and techniques, part of the classes are held in the computer rooms with the access to Internet, equipped with the latest computer software.

Postgraduate Studies Centre, included in WSEI structures, has entered into an agreement on academic and didactic cooperation with a range of partners; these are public or private higher schools or other educational institutions. Within the scope of postgraduate courses the WSEI cooperates with:

  • Polish Foundation of the Opportunities Industrialization Centers “OIC Poland”,
  • Studium Generale Sandomiriense,
  • University of Finance and Management in Białystok,
  • University of Economics in Poznań,
  • Medical University of Lublin,
  • TÜV Nord Akademie (Germany),
  • Polish Institute of Audit and Controlling in Warsaw,
  • Enterprise Development Foundation in Suwałki,
  • Foundation of Employee Education in Częstochowa,
  • Economic Foundation in Gdynia,
  • Silesian Foundation for Enterprise Support in Gliwice,
  • European Economic Institute in Warsaw.

An agreement includes cooperation on postgraduate level and mutual application for EU funds for projects supporting education and students. Since 2006 the majority of postgraduate programmes has been co-financed from European Social Fund. In years 2004-2006 WSEI carried out the postgraduate courses financed from ESF funds with the total amount of PLN 8 438 844,91.

In current programming cycle for years 2007-2013 WSEI has acquired resources from European Social Found with the total amount of PLN 19 292 151,07 on implementation of postgraduate programmes.

Postgraduate Studies Centre
ul. Projektowa 4
20-209 Lublin
tel. + 48 81 749 32 24
fax. +48 81 749 32 13


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