Didactic base

Students and staff of WSEI can benefit from comfortable learning and working conditions. The university has its own modern didactic base, with an area of 12 000 m². This base contains: 6 lecture halls, 5 large classrooms, 5 computer labs and 40 classrooms for classes and seminars. Classrooms are equipped with modern multimedia equipment. WSEI has also 17 modern teaching laboratories equipped with unique scientific and research, which can be used by staff and students of WSEI.

At the disposal of students, there are two canteens, a convenience store with the copying machine, ATM, and a number of machines with food and drinks. They can use an internet cafe, as well as the separated areas where they can prepare for classes. In the whole building, there are computers with Internet access, free Wi-Fi is available from any point.
For students with disabilities, the elevators and platform for people in wheelchairs have been built.

Also a computerized library with a reading room equipped with a permanent connection to the Internet, has been built for students and staff of WSEI.

The book collection of WSEI has more than 55 000 copies of books from various fields of science. Readers of the WSEI Library can use the library collections of other libraries and online collections.

Students of WSEI can also actively relax and develop their sporting passions, using the gym and the sports hall of the area of 310.8 m² with an adjacent sanitary facilities. Motorists have an access to a secure car park.

WSEI's Dormitory was opened in October 2014. The building can accommodate approx. 300 people. There are 2-, 3-, and 4-bed, fully equipped and furnished rooms in the apartments, available for students.

On the ground floor of the building, there is a cafe with a reading room and places to learn. Residents of the Dormitory have access to a Wi-Fi network. Residents are also allowed to use the underground parking and laundry facilities

The building is supervised, monitored and secured round the clock. In the building, a smart key system is used - one key opens either cage door, the door to the apartment, and the door to the room. In order to prevent access of unauthorized people into the building, we have combined monitoring, surveillance and intercom into a coherent system of security. The building is monitored with usage of several cameras with digital recording.

In the premises on the ground floor of the building, service centers providing services to students and local residents are located.

The excellent location of the Dormitory allows its residents to use of public transport in efficient way.


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